Exhibition 2010
Philipps de Pury, London

Connectors are designers who, through a visual vocabulary and a show of their hand and heart, can infuse even the most functional of objects with emotion; in provoking a response, their creations bind the user to the maker. What better way to appreciate and connect to objects than through an understanding of why or how something was made and by whom? Understanding is connection and Michael Antrobus, Tomás Alonso, Pieke Bergmans, Best Made Company, Mark Braun, Julien Carretero, Michel Charlot, Tristan Cochrane, Oscar Diaz, Charlotte Dumoncel d’Argence, Glass Hill, Humans Since 1982, Tomas Kral, Max Lamb, Nicolas Le Moigne, Finn Magee, Peter Marigold, Oscar Narud, Nendo, Leon Ransmeier, Raw Edges, Hanna Sandin, Marcus Tremonto, and Oskar Zieta are connectors.
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