Pattern invention. Domotex, 2013
Flooring Deluxe – Concept Room

Invited by the renowned German designer Stefan Diez who was committed to design Flooring Deluxe for Domotex 2013, Mark has realized the winning Concept Room „Pattern Intervention“ in collaboration with the polish manufacturer Baltic Wood which is famous for perfect and high class wooden floors.
The cooperation between designer Mark Braun and Baltic Wood resulted in an intriguing concept of flooring presentation called Pattern Intervention, which in a three-day voting was recognized as the Best Project in the floor coverings category! Mark Braun showed a completely new interpretation of wooden floors - explains Elżbieta Szydłowska, Board Member, and Sales and Marketing Director. - He surpassed their borderlines, adapting them as wall decoration, playing with colour and - what's most interesting - discovering the little-known, even to outstanding wood connoissuers, inner "I" of this thoroughly natural material - the DNA of wood, which the artist impressed on stretches of floor. Another attraction of the Concept Room was a machine that the visitors could use to carve Baltic Wood dedicated patterns on small slats and take them home.
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