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With its commanding triangular frame, square tube legs,
and welcoming circular seat, the Treble Bar Stool by
Mark Braun, provides the perfect balance of contrast
and comfort.

The clean silhouette, stackable steel frame, and
carefully crafted oak and leather finishes draw
inspiration from the classic Nordic style, while the
conveniently placed dual height footrests and the high
handle hang rail offer easy handling.

Made from powder-coated square steel tube, the Treble
Bar Stool comes in six colour combinations, including
a natural light oiled oak, black painted oak or with an
upholstered leather seat, ensuring the Treble Bar Stool
complements any setting.

Producer: Northern

Photo credits: Einar Aslaksen
Styling credits: Per Olav Sølvberg
and Kirsten Visdal

Project assistant: Tobias Trübenbacher
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