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In view of the occasion there are major efforts to develop new sustainable and biobased plastics which could lower the burden on the environment. In this context twelve students evaluated the compostable and expandable particle foam ecovio® EA developed by BASF.
The results show the most suitable usage for this material such as temporary furniture and furniture components, products and accessoires.

The project was realized in cooperation with the experts from BASF design-fabrik® Andreas Mägerlein and Eva Höfli and the know-how of the BASF specialists for ecovio® EA.

Project supervision: Prof. Mark Braun, Hannes Käfer, Thomas Schnur

Students: Mina Scharff, Sebastian Sittinger, Hui Jin, Catharina Drees, Nico Burgard, Frederik Joachim, Lukas Hartz, Tobias Turco, Julian Hoffmann, Ran Mo, Marvin Köth, Dean Weigand

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Dean Weigand (pg1), Sebastian Sittinger (pg2), Ran Mo (pg3), Nico Burghard (pg4), Lukas Hartz (pg5)
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