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Sebastian Sittinger / HBKsaar


Digital conception of manufactory processes.

Mark Braun and his students from HBKsaar successfuly exhibited Glaslabor at Ambiente 2018 in Frankfurt.
An experimental analysis and optimization of the manufactory production with the help of digitally manipulated tools and interventions.
It was the aim to develop new processes and techniques for the glass production allowing the production of meaningful functional and/or surprisingly esthetic products in a way it has not yet been possible.
To achieve this, the students were supported on one hand by the knowledge of the production sites and glass-blowers of the Centre International d’Art Verrier and on the other hand at the HBKsaar in the Atelier Mark Braun by the expertise of Prof. Mark Braun, Prof. Andreas Brandolini as well as by Dries Verbruggen from the design label unfold in Belgium.

students: Carmen Dehning, Hannah Dietel, Chiara Schwarz, Tobias Turco, Sebastian Sittinger, Vicky Pyper, Marvin Köth, Johanna Matheis, Ran Mo, Thorsten Mueller, Pascale-Luisa Huber, Nicole Fleisch,

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Glaslabor Tools: Sebastian Sittinger (pg1), Thorstem Müller (pg2), Carmen Dehning (pg3)
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